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The Elite Experience

When you walk into The Elite Training Studio, you won't find an over the top, overdone facility. What you will find is the most cutting edge training methods, most cutting edge technology and a clean, state of the art training facility. Each training session is designed to provide you with the safest and most effective calorie burning, strength building workouts. The Elite workout is ever-evolving to stay up-to-date with the latest methods and get maximal results.


The Elite Philosophy

Functional Training is design to bring the best out of everybody and to use the muscles the way they are suppose to be used.

Our training is based on building strength for all aspects of life by focusing on functional movement, correcting dysfunction, improving mobility, increasing power and improving conditioning. Our #1 goal is to get the clients to move better, feel better, improve your overall fitness by offering expert guidance.



The Elite Training Studio uses MYZONE, a cool monitoring system that tracks/displays in real-time (displays on the studio monitors and on your phone!) the effort of the individual wearing it.

Stay motivated with goal setting, accountability and fun challenges. This is just another way to hold you accountable both inside and outside of the studio. We make working out fun and engaging to keep you on track.

Want your own MYZONE belt?

Sign up for our 6-month group training package and receive a FREE BELT, or contact Dave to find out how you can get one directly from the studio.


The Elite Training Studio


24 Gable Alley
Rochester NY, 14607


Any questions before your first class? Ask Dave!

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